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Working with Docker Images – How to Build Docker Images

In our previous article, we got to know how to work with Docker containers; covered important commands we use to get the things done from Docker containers. As you already know, Docker images are the basis of containers, whenever we launch a container Docker will try to use images that are stored locally on your […]

How To Install Docker on Ubuntu 16.04

Docker is an open-source software that helps to deploy, run applications in a container. The containers are like a virtual machine but consume fewer resources, easy to manage and will always run the same regardless of the operating environment it is running in. Docker uses cgroups and namespace to allow the independent containers to run […]

Top Important Docker Commands – Working with Docker Containers

This tutorial is a bit old and needs an update. An updated post is available here: Top 17 Important Docker Commands. In this post, we will be working with Docker container CLI, to interact with Docker containers. This guide focuses on important commands that we use generally in Docker environment. Before going ahead, take a […]

How To Install Docker on CentOS 7 / RHEL 7

Docker is a container virtualization technology that has gained widespread popularity in recent times; it offers a more efficient way to deploy the application. With Docker, the applications reside inside the container on top of the Linux operating system. Docker uses Kernel features such as cgroups and namespace to allow an independent container to run […]