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Install Icinga Monitoring Tool on Fedora 22 / 21

Icinga is a fork of famous Ngaios monitoring tool, it is very compatible with Nagios and can bea integrated with Nagios plugins. Icinga is very similar to Nagios, so you would find no difficult in moving to Icinga. Icinga is one step ahead on multiple factors, the import factor is advanced reporting using we based […]

Install Lighttpd With PHP5 FastCGI And MySQL On Fedora 21

Lighttpd is an open-source web server  designed and optimized for high performance environments. With a small memory footprint compared to other web-servers, effective management of the cpu-load, and advanced feature set (FastCGI, SCGI, Auth, Output-Compression, URL-Rewriting and many more) lighttpd is the perfect solution to overcome server load problems. Here i will explain you the […]

Install ownCloud 7 on Fedora 21

ownCloud is a web suite that provides a cloud storage over the network, data can be uploaded via web browser or using software client. Data will be stored on the server and can be downloaded or access any time with browser or desktop client or smartphone app. The project is based on PHP and a […]

Install WordPress on Fedora 22 / 21 with AMP

WordPress is the most widely used open source web blogging and CMS written in php and MySQL. Here is the guide to install WordPress on Fedora 22 / 21, this is very simple as like having a bear; wont take more than 5 min. Prerequisites: WordPress requires Apache, PHP and MySQL. You can look at […]

Install Apache2 With PHP5 And MySQL On Fedora 21 (LAMP)

LAMP Stands for Linux,Apache,MySQL and PHP. Most of the websites works with the above combination. The main purpose of LAMP is testing the application locally by the programmer before going to the production. Below are the steps to install LAMP (Apache, PHP and MySQL) on Fedora. Installing Linux: Here i am not going to show […]