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How To Use Linux Shutdown, PowerOff and Reboot Command

The shutdown, poweroff and reboot commands are the most important power cycle commands in Linux. These commands are specifically used in a situation where you have to bring the server down for maintenance or reboot servers for a kernel upgrade or patches. Here, we will see how to use the Linux shutdown and poweroff command […]

How To List Users in Linux

The very first task that any Linux administrator performs when a user says unable to login to the system. Yes, to know how to list Users in Linux is must to troubleshoot any login issue. I hope you have seen commands to create a user, delete a user, modifying a user, list logged in users. […]

How To Delete / Remove Users in Linux Using the userdel Command

As a Linux system administrator, one of the primary responsibility is to manage the users and groups on Linux systems. User management includes creating users, modifying existing users and deleting users. Deleting / Removing a user account is the most important task for an administrator when any user leaves from an organization. This post explains […]

How To Modify User Accounts in Linux Using usermod Command

Linux administrators often receive requests to create users in Linux unless the organization uses LDAP and also to modify or change existing user’s attributes. As a Linux administrator, you should be well versed with creating users, removing users, and modifying users in Linux. This post explains to you how to modify user accounts in Linux […]

How To Create a Sudo User On CentOS, Ubuntu & Debian

The sudo (substitute user do or superuser do) command is a program that allows users to run commands as another user, by default the superuser ie root. The sudo command is mostly used to perform administrative tasks by regular users executing commands as the root user. In this post, we see how to create a […]