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How to Install Cacti on Ubuntu 22.04

Cacti is a free and open-source web-based network monitoring and graphing tool that helps to track your device’s network performance in almost real-time. Cacti gather performance metrics from servers and network devices and graph and store them for reporting and historical analysis. Here, we will see how to install Cacti on Ubuntu 22.04. Prerequisites First, […]

How to Install phpMyAdmin with Nginx on Ubuntu 22.04

phpMyAdmin is a free web-based management tool for managing the MySQL and MariaDB database servers. Web hosting companies widely use it to enable users to manage databases. phpMyAdmin helps the system administrator perform database activities such as creating, deleting, and querying databases, tables, columns, etc. This post will show how to install phpMyAdmin with Nginx […]

Install WordPress with Nginx and Let’s Encrypt SSL on Ubuntu 22.04

WordPress is one of the most popular website platforms on the internet. It is a free, open-source content management system that works well with almost any web hosting service, making it one of the easiest to install and use for publishing online content. Regular web hosting may not be sufficient for traffic-intensive websites. So, it […]

Install LEMP Stack (Nginx, MariaDB, PHP) on Ubuntu 22.04

The LEMP stack, which stands for Linux, Nginx web server, MariaDB/MySQL database server, and PHP, is the perfect technology stack to host traffic-intensive websites and applications. This LEMP stack is an alternative to the LAMP stack that uses Apache as a web server instead of Nginx. In this post, we will see how to install […]

How to Install MariaDB on Ubuntu 22.04

MariaDB is an open-source database server from the MariaDB Foundation, and it is a fork of the popular database management system MySQL. It is the number one choice for web hosting companies and content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, etc. Here, we will see how to install MariaDB on Ubuntu 22.04. Install MariaDB on Ubuntu […]