What we receive:-

We welcome everyone to advertise on Currently, this site ranks 82,132 in Alexa. Most of the traffic is from India and the United States, ranks 23289, 68114 in India and US respectively. The domain was purchased in Jan 2013, and in July 2014 the site becomes fully functional.

We receive nearly about 249K visits and 1 lakh+ visitors per month, more than 15% of visitors are from the US. The following is the screenshot of Sep 2017 analytics report of ITzGeek.

What we have:-

Our site mainly focuses on writing articles related to Linux and open source components. Currently, we have 750+ article in our site; most of them are related to different distributions of Linux, and occasionally we write articles about Windows and web technologies like WordPress and Joomla. We have 2250+ fans in Facebook and have 850+ mailing subscribers, keep growing.

What we offer:-

Our site has premium ad space for advertisers who are willing to display ads. The following ad spaces are available to you.

1. Top banner (Right Next to logo)

2. Right sidebar (Above Facebook fan widget)

3. Below the page content (Just above the comment box)

4. Left sidebar (In case of special requests)

Our site is responsive, and we accept all size of image banners.

We expect:-

We expect to accept any one of the below advertising modes from you.

1. Fixed rate for a period.

2. CPM – Rate per thousand impressions.

3. Special price for the institution and other educational organization.

If you are ready to place an advertisement, then mail us at or fill up form here.