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Install Skype 4.1 on Fedora 18


skype logoSkype is the most widely used voice over ip solution in the world, it allow users to communicate with peers by voice. It has option to make video calls,instant messaging and call to mobile phones. Skype service between computer is free of charge where as between computer and mobile phones based on normal call rates. It supports multiple operating system such as windows,Linux and Mac.

Here is the small tutorial about installing Skype on Fedora 18.

Step 1: Open Terminal (Activities —-> Search —-> Terminal).

Step 2: Switch to root user.

[raj@itzgeek~]$ su

Step 2: Install dependencies.

[root@itzgeek~]# yum install qtwebkit qt alsa-lib pulseaudio glibc libXv libXScrnSaver

Step 3: Download Skype.

[root@itzgeek~]# wget

Step 4: Install Skype.

[root@itzgeek~]# rpm -Uvh skype-

Step 5: Start Skype (Activities —-> Search —-> Skype)


[raj@itzgeek~]$ skype

Step 6: Accept license agreement.

Fedora 18 - Skype EULA

Step 7: Login with your user name and password.

Fedora 18 - Skype Home

That’s All!.


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Install Skype 4.1 on Fedora 18