MailGet Giveaway Contest: Win 3 PRO Accounts Of Email Marketing Service


If you are looking for email marketing service of high quality, beautiful, affordable, flexible and packed with great features, then MailGet is worth taking a look.

MailGet Giveaway Contest

MailGet Giveaway Contest

MailGet is giving away 3 MailGet PRO accounts, and you have a great chance to get PRO accounts without paying any price.

Three winners of the contest will walk away with 3 MailGet PRO accounts worth over $400 for three months.

What is MailGet?


MailGet is one of the most flexible email marketing services. It’s an affordable product which gives you value for your money.

It offers easy switching from existing Email Marketing service providers, and the cost is less as well uses the reliable Amazon SES as SMTP.

It also connects with different SMTPs like Mandril, MailJet, PostMark, SendGrid, etc. for sending emails.

Features of MailGet:


Powerful Responsive Email Builder – We tested our emails in all email service provider like Gmail, Yahoo, HotMail, AOL and much more to check that email received in the proper format.

Test Email Send Facility – Whenever you are going to send email to your email list, you can first send email a test email to your email account to see if everything works fine.

Email Editor – You can create best templates for newsletters, campaigns, promotions, etc. as it has a stunning WYSIWYG email editor.

Email List Management – You can easily create the email list and segment users on the based on product service and lot more.

That’s all about MailGet.

How To Enter in Giveaway Contest?


Here are the rules to enter the giveaway are as follows:

  1. Tweet about MailGet from your twitter account with hashtag of #bestemailmarketingservice. Make sure you share the link as well while making a tweet.


  1. Post about MailGet from your own Facebook Wall and invite your friends to try it.
    Do share the links there as well.

At end, comment down the links of Twitter and Facebook where you shared about MailGet..

Three winners will get a MailGet PRO account for 3 months.