How To Reset Lost root Password in RHEL 8


Administrators sometimes end up with a requirement to reset the root password due to a lost root password. It’s quite often happening because administrators have to remember lots of passwords or frequent change of root password to adhere to organizations password policies.

In this guide, we will see how to reset the root password in RHEL 8.


In RHEL 8, the single-user mode will help us to reset the lost root password.

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Reset lost root password

chroot your system if you haven’t done already.

chroot /sysroot

Reset the root password.


Update SELinux information.

touch /.autorelabel

Exit chroot.


Reboot your system.

Reset Lost root Password
Reset Lost root Password

Please wait for SELinux relabeling to complete. This relabeling would take some time depending on file system size.

SELinux Relabeling
SELinux Relabeling

You can now login to your system with the new password.



That’s All. I hope you have learned how to reset the lost root password in RHEL 8.

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