How to Install Mozilla Firefox – 9.0 in Linux/CentOS/Redhat


Mozilla FirefoxI have downloaded the Tar Ball (.bz2) of the Latest Mozilla Firefox version from Mozilla website  to install on CentOS. How to install firefox-9.0.1.tar.bz2. What will happen to Bookmarks and other add-on installed.





First Download the Firefox from Mozilla.

Download Firefox:

If would like to download the Firefox on command line, use the wget command. Download and keep it on your home directory. Here i logged in as root, standing on home directory.

PS: No need to be as root to install & run the Firefox.

# wget '' -O 

Extract the Tar ball:

Use the following command.

# tar -jxvf firefox-9.0.1.tar.bz2

Once Extracted you will find the Firefox folder on current directory. in my case /root/Desktop/firefox.

Run Firefox:

Before running the Firefox remove your older version of Mozilla Firefox. Run Firefox using  full path of the executable script file.

# /root/Desktop/firefox/firefox

No need to worry about the bookmarks, you will not loose any book mark. You have to concern about the compatibility of  add-ons that are installed on old version of Firefox. If you don’t know anything about the add-ons don’t worry when you run Mozilla Firefox for first time after the installation of new version it will ask you to update the add-on or it will automatically update the add-ons if update available.

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