Linux Commands List – System Details



The command line mode is very popular and it’s very useful when u don’t have the Server GUI. The command line produces same output as GUI options. The following list of the command will be very use full for all system administrators.


System Details



# arch

To seearchitecture of machine


To see all the details about hardware

# cal 2010

Calendar of 2010

# cat /proc/cpuinfo

CPU information

# cat /proc/meminfo

See memory use

# cat /proc/swaps

show file swap

# cat /proc/version

show version of the kernel

# cat /proc/mounts

show mounted file systems

# date

show system date

# date 041217002007

set date and time – MonthDayhoursMinutesYear

# lspci

To display PCI devices

# uname -m

show architecture of machine

# uname -o

To display operating system

# uname -i

To see the hardware platform

# uname -n

network node hostname

# uname -r

show kernel version

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