How to Run Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) with Windows 7


If you have Windows 7 installed on the machine and wants to try out Ubuntu 11.10 without disturbing the Windows operating system. Ubuntu officially provides the wubi installer to install Ubuntu 11.10 along with Windows operating system, wubi installer will install Ubuntu just like windows application and it can be uninstalled any time. It’s simple and safe, make sure that you have internet connection to download 600MB file from internet.


Step 1: Go and download the wubi installer, open wubi installer; type the user name and password then click on Install.

Step 2: Installer will start to download the file, sit back for a while.

Step 3: Once all over, it will prompt you to restart.

Step 4: After restart you will find the Ubuntu in boot menu screen, select Ubuntu.

Step 5: You will get a login screen, enter you user name and password that you have created before (Step 1).

That’s All. You have successfully installed Ubuntu 11.10 along with Windows 7.

Extras: If you would like to uninstall Ubuntu, go to Start   ——> Control Panel —–> Programs and Features and Select Uninstall Ubuntu from list. Click on Uninstall to remove Ubuntu 11.10 from your system.


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