Ubuntu Installation | How to install Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot)?


In this we are going to install the Ubuntu 11.10  Oneiric Ocelot, you can get it from official website. This is freely downloadable; here i used the  Ubuntu 11.10 CD edition of the Ubuntu. If you like to get CD image please click here.

Put the CD on the CD ROM drive, change the boot sequence according to the CD ROM to boot first.


If you want to install Ubuntu from the USB flash Disk.

Change the boot sequence according to the USB mass storage to boot first.

Select the Language and press Enter.

For installing the Ubuntu 11.10, Select Install Ubuntu.

This is starting screen, it will take few minute to disappear.

Click forward on the Welcome screen.

Click Forward on Preparing to install Ubuntu screen.

Next is the installation type, this installation on the fresh HDD  so i got only two option in the installation type. Depend upon the other OS on your HDD you will get the other more options. 1. Erase disk and install Ubuntu (i.e. it will format the drive and install the OS) 2. Something else (i.e. you can manually create the partition and install Ubuntu on your selected partition)

If you don’t have any idea about the partitioning scheme simply click continue.

If you have good technical knowledge of partitions then you can go for the second option Something else on  “Installation Type” screen which will take you to this same screen. Use this advanced mode if you are comfortable in manually partitioning your drives. I created manually for demonstration purpose, partitions will be like this.

In the next screen, select your location on the map

Select your keyboard layout. In case you are not sure, use the ‘Detect Keyboard Layout’ option and you can also test your selection by typing in the test text box.

In the final screen you will be prompted to enter information about the first user that is going to be created on the system. Enter your information in this screen.

Here is one thing you should remember – if you select ‘Log in automatically’, it will never ask you your password for authentication while you try to log in to your Ubuntu System. Its best if you give a very secure password for your installation. Ubuntu will inform you whether your password is secure or not.
If you select ‘Encrypt my home folder’ it will make all the files and folders in your home folder more secure from unauthorized viewing if you have multiple users using your computer. When you log in to your computer your files are seamlessly decrypted for just your session. If you are not sure, leave this box unchecked.
Once the above steps are done, the installation of Ubuntu 11.10 will starts. The following image shows the installing of Ubuntu 11.10.

Once the installation is over, you should click on the restart now.

Once the Machine restarted, you will get the following Log in window. Type your password on the below of your user name and Press Enter.

The Desktop of the Ubuntu 11.10 will be  like below.

Your Ubuntu is now ready for you try it out!! Use, Share and Enjoy.


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