How To Install Mac OS X Lion 10.7 Retail On VMware – Video Tutorial


This video about the installation of Mac OS X on VMware. it is not exactly installation,This has been Pre installed by Mahmood, that is why there is no install of Mac and why it is so easy!
1. Download OS X Lion Pre Installed and unrar it using WinRAR

2. In OS X Lion VMware Pre Installed folder. Install  VMware Workstation (Version 6 & Above)

3. Put the OS X Lion VMware folder (its 9 GB) in any place u want where you have the most space

4. Open VMware Workstation.

5. Choose from menu the option: Open Existing VM

6. Click and open OS X Lion.vmx now VMware will add the it as virtual OS

7. Click Power on this virtual machine and start OS X Lion, Keys are required to power on the VM.

8. In password area above don’t fill anything just put mouse cursor in password area and hit ENTER NO PASSWORD NEEDED!! and If u wants to install applications and OS X asks for administration password just leave it blank and hit OK button

Download Links –
Securable –

Mac OS X 10.7  Pre installed image  –…

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