CDN for Joomla! – How to configure CDN for Joomla!


CDN is a Content Delivery Network of highly-optimized servers all around the world working  together to distribute your content (CSS and Javascript files, downloadable objects, applications,    real-time media streams, and much more) through hundreds of servers instead of a single host. This “smart route” technology makes sure each visitor to your site gets their data from the city closest to them.

Who needs CDN?

Small or large, if you’re looking to grow your business online, a CDN is a must-have. By bringing your content closer to the user’s connection point, the commercial CDN provider unleashes the potential of your site with much faster load times, superior scalability, and guaranteed uptime. A faster loading site not only makes your visitors happy, it can also earn you a few extra points toward a higher ranking on the major search engines – and what business owner or webmaster wouldn’t want that!

But if your Using a CDN for a small website or blog would be expensive. So is there a way we can set up our own CDN  from which we can serve the static content?

The following steps will help you to setup own CDN for small Joomla! blog or website. This is a simple configuration that make you to get the cdn for joomla. Here i used the same web server for serving the cdn,the document root of the cdn domain is same as main domain web server. If you want to serve the cdn from other webserver you need to copy the images, Documents and the css files.

First you need to create the CNAME for the cdn domain. lets take my cdn domain is “”, so create the CNAME with pointing to “”

Once added the CNAME. We need to create the Document root for the CDN domain. go to Cpanel and add the new sudomain. when you are adding make sure the document root must be same as the main web server root.

Now both main and cdn domain having same document root, Next download the simple CDN plugin for joomla!.

Developer Site or Joomla! Extension Directory

Install the plugin after login to the Joomla! administration, go to

Extension  —–> Install/Uninstall.

Once installed. go to Extension  —–> Plugin Manager   —–> Look for System – CDN for Joomla!

Need to change the configuration according to our example, put the entry like below.

In this enter the CDN domain name,site root and which are the things to be delivered by this cdn domain. once this is done enable this plugin.

Now test the cdn working status. Just simply visit your website, you can see that all the images,documents and the css files will be served by CDN domain not by your main domain.




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