6 Part-Time Remote Job Ideas for Tech Majors


When it comes to finding a remote part-time job, tech majors are in a privileged position. Nearly all junior-level jobs in the tech sector can easily be done remotely, and it’s also not an issue to find a part-time job for a tech specialist. 

Having such a job can give a student more than just a stable income. What’s even more important is the opportunity to get the much-needed hands-on experience and connections in the industry which will help one’s career advance faster after graduation. 

However, many students worry about the time issue as even a part-time job requires some hours on a daily basis. If this is a problem, it’s usually better to get help with homework from an essay service than to sacrifice working altogether. Because unless you’re planning to stick to an academic career, real-life experience is vital. 

But what jobs suit tech majors the most? Sometimes students find themselves at a loss when they start browsing job-search platforms. That’s why we’ve put together this list of ideas. Here, you’ll find some of the best part-time remote jobs tech majors can choose from. 

Remote Job Ideas
Remote Job Ideas


Technical Writer 

For those who are lucky to have a knack for writing along with possessing strong expertise in tech, the position of a technical writer can be a perfect choice. 

Of course, it’s not easy, but at least it’s highly flexible and can be done any time and almost anywhere. You can even research topics during your commute to college! Developers can hardly write code on the go, can they? 

The job also pays well if you’re really good. As freelancers, technical writers can earn $30 – $80 per hour, and if you land a stable position, your salary will start from roughly $25 000 per year (for full-time positions). If you’re planning to work part-time, split it in two. 

Online Tutor 

If you enjoy communicating with people and helping them solve their problems, online tutoring might be the thing for you. This job is popular among students, especially tech majors, because STEM subjects can be really tough. 

Being an online tutor is easier than teaching offline. However, this job is less flexible than that of a technical writer. This might be inconvenient, but it’s nearly always possible to figure things out. 

Another problem is finding the students to teach. And there are three main ways to solve it:

  • Asking your friends and relatives to help spread a word of mouth;
  • Building a personal brand and advertising on social media (requires investments and marketing skills);
  • Joining an online tutoring service team. 

Based on which way you choose, the income may vary significantly anywhere between roughly $20 – $50 per hour. 

Web/Mobile Apps Developer 

For 100% tech geeks who enjoy coding more than anything else, one of the best ideas is to become a web or mobile apps developer. Both these professionals are very much in-demand nowadays, and they’re perfectly suitable for everyone not willing (or not being ready) to take a full-time position. 

These jobs allow for flexible working hours, plus you can work anywhere including your bedroom and your college library. Location is also not an issue – may be that guy that searched “cheap essay writing service Canada” a couple of minutes ago was the one that programmed your favorite mobile game! 

While the jobs may seem purely technical, that’s not true: every coder knows how much creativity it requires! As for the wages, being a web developer is slightly more lucrative: they make $50 – $80 per hour as opposed to mobile app developers who charge $30-$40 on average. 

Web Development
Web Development

Web Designer 

There’s a lot of confusion between a web designer and a web developer, as some people think these jobs are the same. Still, it’s not quite true. 

While both these specialists work with the websites, web designers (apparently) deal more with aesthetics than with the technical side of the job. Therefore, they should have proper knowledge of design principles, graphic design, and everything else connected with visuals. Still, technical literacy also comes in handy for every web designer. 

If you are exactly that multi-talented specialist, you can expect an hourly pay of $30 – $50 or more. 

Data Scientist 

There’s been an immense demand for data scientists lately. However, one should carefully analyze his or her personal traits to decide if this career is good for them. To be a successful data scientist, one should be very independent, patient, and fond of working with numbers and figures. 

Basically, what data scientists do is gather, structure, and analyze data to later use it for various purposes. Such specialists can work in a lot of fields – from machine learning to architecture to marketing.

The job pays around $30-80 per hour but can be higher depending on the professional’s level of expertise. 

Technical Support Engineer 

One of the most popular job choices for tech students is technical support engineer. Nowadays, this job can also easily be done remotely, especially in smaller companies. So, it’s an excellent opportunity to earn some cash without too much specific knowledge. 

Still, the job is by no means easy. Before you choose to apply to this position, carefully weigh all the pros and cons, as this job often doesn’t allow as much flexibility as others on this list. If you choose to pursue the job, you’re going to earn $35 per hour on average. 

More Ideas 

Of course, this is not a fully comprehensive list of possible jobs that can be suitable for students majoring in tech. There are many more options – students can work part-time as technical recruiters, medical coders, information security analysts. The list can go on and on. 

The tech industry continues to develop, and it would be unwise to miss an opportunity to start your career in tech while still studying. So, find the job to your taste and build your expertise early on!