Reset WordPress Admin or Users Password from phpMyAdmin


If you are managing more blogs or websites based on the WordPress CMS, you might have chance to lost password. WordPress Admin and all users password are stored in the wordpress database. Here is the step by step procedure will help you to reset the password of Admin or any users password from database.




Find Database:

If you are managing dozen of blogs, it is diffcult to keep in mind about name of database which is used by particular WordPress site that you have lost admin password. it is a simple to find database of particular WordPress site, login to cpanel and visit the root directory of WordPress and open the wp-config.php file with text editor, this fill will give you the database details of WordPress site.


All hosting provider give you that access to phpMyadmin interface to manage the database that is used by your websites, phpMyAdmin can be accessed via cpanel. phpMyadmin might be under the Database section in cpanel. Click on the phpMyAdmin icon and get access to it.

Find User:

In the Left hand side panel you will find the databse list, find your WordPress database and click on the database name and go to the table wp_users. it will list all the user, click on edit of Admin user table.

Reset Password:

Once clicked, you will get list of table enteries and find the cloumn user_pass.

Method 1:

Type the new password in the MD5 encription format and click on GO. The following MD5 format equivalent to 456789 in plaint text password. To generate MD5.

Method 2:

Scroll down the user_pass field under the function cloumn, select MD5 and start typing the new password in the next box under value. The password used here should be plain text format, click on Go to save the entries.

That’s All. Now you can use new password for logging to WordPress Admin.

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