How to Install Redhat Enterprise Linux 6 / Centos 6 – Post Instllation


RHEL6 InstallationOnce the installation of RHEL 6 is over, then we have to do some post configurations. Below are the configurations.

Step 1: Here is the welcome window, click Forward to continue.

Welcome Screen

Step 2: Click forward on the License agreement after the Selection of Yes, I agree to the License Agreement.

License Information

Step 3: Click forward on Set up Software updates.

Set up Software updates

Step 4: Click forward on Finish Updates Setup.

Updates Setup

Step 5: Create the user name with password, click forward to continue.

Create the user name

Step 6:  Click forward on the Date and Time window.

Date and Time

Step 7: Click finish on Kdump window.


Once the Above steps are done. you will get the login screen with the user name that already created by you.

login screen

Your Desktop will be like this.

Deaktop Screen


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