How to upgrade to Fedora 23 from Fedora 22 using DNF

How to upgrade to Fedora 23 from Fedora 22 using DNF
How to upgrade to Fedora 23 from Fedora 22 using DNF

Fedora 23 has been released on 03-11-2015, you may now looking upgrade option for Fedora 22. This guide will help you to upgrade Fedora 22 Server/Workstation/Cloud to Fedora 23 Server/Workstation/Cloud.

Note: Before going ahead, it is recommended to take a backup of important files and configuration; this will help us restoring the system back to its previous state.

Switch to root user

$ su

Install the DNF system upgrade plungin package.

# dnf install dnf-plugin-system-upgrade

Update your system.

# dnf update

Some third-party repos may not be available on Fedora 23. Check the status of your configured repositories.

# dnf repolist --releasever 23


If problems are reported with a repository, you may wish to disable it. If there is no error, you can skip to next step.

# dnf config-manager --set-disabled repo-name

Prepare the upgrade environment.

# dnf system-upgrade download --releasever 23

Reboot to perform the upgrade.

# dnf system-upgrade reboot

Now you could see the grub boot menu, system will automatically boot into default selection (Do not do anything).

Fedora Server Ugrade - GRUB Menu
Fedora Server Upgrade – GRUB Menu

Following screen shows the upgradation is in progress.

Fedora Server Ugrade - Preparing for Upgrade
Fedora Server Upgrade – Preparing Fedora Server Upgrade – Preparing for upgrade

Now, system is upgrading the packages.

Fedora Server Ugrade - Updating Packages
Fedora Server Upgrade – Updating Packages

Once the system is upgraded, you would see Fedora 23 in grub menu.

Fedora Server Ugrade - GRUB Menu With Fedora 23 Title
Fedora Server Upgrade – GRUB Menu With Fedora 23 Title

The following screen shows the login page of Fedora Server 23.

Fedora Server Ugrade - Login Screen
Fedora Server Upgrade – Login Screen

You can remove cached packages by executing below command.

# dnf clean packages

By default Cockpit ( Web-based server management ) is installed during Fedora 23 setup. You can access the Cockpit by going to https://ip-add-ress:9090/. Login with the credential of root account.

Fedora Server Upgrade - Cockpit
Fedora Server Upgrade – Cockpit


If an upgrade fails, clean up the download, resolve any issues, and try again.

# dnf system-upgrade clean

That’s All!!!.

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