How To Install Atom Editor On Ubuntu 20.04

Atom is an open-source text and source code editor for Windows, Linux, and macOS, developed by GitHub. It is called “A hackable text editor for the 21st century” due to being a highly customizable text editor.

Atom is built using HTML, CSS, JS, and other web technologies. It supports more than 35+ programming languages by default and you can extend its functionality and look by installing plugins and themes.

Here, we will see how to install Atom editor on Ubuntu 20.04.

Install Atom Editor On Ubuntu 20.04

Atom editor can be installed in three ways:

  1. Ubuntu Software Center
  2. Snap Package
  3. Official Repository

Install Atom Editor Using Software Center

Open the Ubuntu software center (Activities » search for Ubuntu Software).

Open Ubuntu Software
Open Ubuntu Software

Search for Atom editor and then, click on the result.

Search Atom Editor
Search Atom Editor

Click on install.

Install Atom
Install Atom

Enter your password to authenticate the installation.


Wait for the Atom editor installation to complete.

Atom installation in progress
Atom installation in progress

Install Atom Editor using Snap

First, install the Snap package manager on your system if it is not already installed.

sudo apt update && sudo apt install -y snapd

Then, install Atom editor with the snap command.

sudo snap install atom --classic

Install Atom Editor Using Official Repository offers an official package repository for the Ubuntu operating system.

Add a signing key and repository to your system with below commands.

wget -qO - | sudo apt-key add -

echo "deb [arch=amd64] any main" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/atom.list

Install Atom editor using the apt command.

sudo apt update

sudo apt install -y atom
You can also install Atom editor beta version with sudo apt install -y atom-beta command.

Open Atom Editor


Open Atom editor from Activities » search for Atom.

Open Atom Editor
Open Atom Editor



Atom Editor Running On Ubuntu 20.04:

Atom Editor Running On Ubuntu 20.04
Atom Editor Running On Ubuntu 20.04


That’s All. I hope you have successfully installed Atom editor on Ubuntu 20.04.

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