RightToClick – Best way to Override Disabled right clcik ,copy and paste Function


RightToClick is a small Firefox add-on which allow us to use mouse right click in such a website where the site admin uses to disable right click for protecting the content or didn’t want to disclose source of the website. This add-on overrides the limits by disabling those function handlers defined in java script, it also does the following works.

  • Disables focus handlers
  • Disables cut/copy/paste/text-selection handlers
  • Disables drag/drop handlers
  • Disables mouse-click handlers
  • Disables context-menu handlers (i.e. enable right-click)
  • Disables mouse-move handlers
  • Disables double-click handlers
  • Disables keyboard handlers


Install the RightToClick add-on by visiting Mozilla add-ons website, it works with Firefox 4 to 19. Firefox need to be restarted on the completion of installation.



How to Use:

Once restarts, Go to Tools —> Add-ons  —> RightToClick 2.9.4  —> Options.  On this windows you can manage the above said handlers.
Select advanced options, enter the host name where you to enable right click.
Visit the website ( Must have host name entered on the above window) and verify it.
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