Run Hiren’s Boot CD from USB | Lauching Hiren’s Boot CD from USB Flash Drive


Most of the techies knows about the Hiren’s Boot CD, it is important for the every day life of techie. it contains almost all required software for troubleshooting the issues on the PC,Laptop and also Servers. Hiren’s Boot CD is released very frequently with smaller changes on it, every time we need to burn on CD’s and use for some days then keep it on drawer once new version released. Older version almost not required by them anymore, they start going for newer version with changes. Every month wasting one CD for burning the Hiren’s Boot CD, if its better to run HBCD from USB. Here is simple 3 steps to run or launch Hiren’s Boot CD from USB Flash Drive.


Step 1: Download and double click on executable file.

Step 2:  It contains three additional step in that.

1.  Select the Linux Distribution from Drop down Menu   ——>   Hiren’s Boot CD

2. Select your ISO                                   ——> Hiren’s Boot CD Zip Archive Location

3. Select on USB Drive Letter only  ——> Select USB drive from Drop down Menu ( Click on format as Fat32)

Step 3: Confirm the formatting of USB Flash Drive.

Now it will start to copying the files to USB flash Drive.

Click on close button.

That’s All. Now you can make the machine to boot from USB flash drive by changing boot sequence, start troubheshooting machine.