How to Remove “Welcome to the FrontPage”


The main question in  Community Forum is “how do I remove or change the ‘Welcome to the Frontpage’ message in Joomla 1.5”.

In  Joomla 1.5 we have the option to set a page title for each ‘page’.  The title can be set in the parameters of the menu item for the particular page in question.  So, for example, to change the page title of  Home page do the following:

Log in to your Joomla Admin and go to the menu that contains the item you would like to change the Home page. Click on Menu And Select the Main Menu.


Main Menu  page will open, there you will find “Home”(link). Click on Home to edit.

Once you are in the Home item, look to the right pane and  you will see the Parameters tabs.  Click on the ‘Parameters – System’ tab and set your Page Title here.. or set it to ‘off’.

You can use the same technique for all your pages.

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