Install Cinnamon Desktop On Fedora 16 “Verne”


Cinnamon is a Gnome-Shell desktop fork. It is not strictly a Gnome-2 interface, although the developers aims are laudable – to produce a simpler more traditional desktop interface. Development seems to be rapid. It is usable and certainly fun to play with with a growing number of extensions to install to extend the base installation. Here is the guide to install cinnamon desktop on Fedora 16.



Open Terminal (Applications —> System Tools —> Terminal)

Switch to  root user.

[raj@geeksite~/]$ su

Go to the repository directory.

[root@geeksite~/]# cd /etc/yum.repos.d/

Download the repo file.

[root@geeksite~/]#  wget

Install Cinnamon desktop.

raj@geeksite~/$ yum install cinnamon

Once installed, logout and select cinnamon by clicking on the arrow icon in login page.

Now you should get the following desktop.

That’s all!

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