Upgrade Ubuntu 12.10 to 13.04


Ubuntu LogoUbuntu 13.04 has been released on 25th last month, it is available for upgrade and clean installation. Here is the small guide to perform Ubuntu up-gradation. Ubuntu releases major version’s every six month, keeping the machine updated will allow to explore new features.

Before doing update, we need to focus on some prerequisite.

  • Backup config files.
  • Backup log files.
  • Backup databases.
  • Backup customized scripts.
  • Backup other important files.

Open Terminal.

Update the repositories.

sudo apt-get update

Update Ubuntu 12.10 with its latest packages.

sudo apt-get upgrade


sudo reboot

Upgrade to Ubuntu 13.04.

sudo do-release-upgrade

On completion, you will be prompted to reboot your computer to take a effect of installation.

Check your version.

lsb_release -r

That’s All!

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