How to Create Attractive YouTube Channel Trailer in 2022


Have you ever wondered why you need to have an attractive YouTube Channel Trailer? Well, it is because it promotes and grows your channel. The trailer helps YouTube creators attract more of an audience to their channel. It speaks of your personality and pushes the audience and prospective customers to subscribe to your channel.

Impressions are crucial on YouTube, especially first impressions. Make a stunning trailer to alert your viewer to what is happening on your channel. Irrespective of the size of your channel, it attracts the audience by showing them a glimpse of your business. It also tells them your intention in creating a channel and all that you propagate there. The golden rule to keep in mind here is — A small channel with an attractive youTube channel trailer can score more than the bigger one with a lifeless trailer. This article guides you in generating stunning Youtube channel Trailers for 2022.

What is a YouTube Channel Trailer?

Moviemakers introduce the main clips of their forthcoming movie, even before its release, with a trailer. Similarly, you can generate and upload a YouTube Channel trailer to inform your audience of what is to come.

It works as an advertisement and shows on the top of your YouTube channel page. Enable the feature to play automatically to attract viewers who are yet to subscribe to your channel. It is then up to the viewer’s discretion to subscribe or switch to another channel. Convert your audience into subscribers by promoting your channel with effective trailers.

Contents of a YouTube Channel Trailer

For the trailer to function as a hook and encourage traffic to your channel — it must have the following:

  • Clear and concise introduction of your business and your target audience
  • A quick synopsis of the video you feature on the channel
  • The time or day on which you upload videos
  • Reels with the main clips of your videos
  • A Call To Action (CTA) for viewers to become your subscribers

YouTube Trends for Videos in 2022

YouTube is the number one social media platform for people to upload and share videos. In recent times you find the number of youtube viewers steadily increasing. It has encouraged business entities to turn to this platform to propagate and build their brand. But marketers should be in tune with the prime YouTube trends to achieve maximum success. Scroll down to know the YouTube trends for 2021-22:

  • The growth in YouTube is exceedingly high. For your audience to notice you, the videos you make should be spectacular and of much value to them.
  • YouTube removes videos that are provocative, misleading, or spreading misinformation. Marketers should ensure safety while uploading videos. If YouTube considers it misinformation, they will remove them.
  • Use the live stream feature to offer answers to the question put forth by the audience concerning your brand. Introduce your products and services in the course of the live stream. To reap a rich harvest from your uploads on YouTube, you must introduce your influencers through YouTube Live. A story told during the live stream attracts the audience to become subscribers.
  • The time is just right for brands to add product reviews, introduce their service and shopping guide videos on their YouTube channel. People are looking for products and services and learning how to use them on YouTube.
  • Marketers should conduct in-depth research about what the customers want, to know about their products or services, and craft how-to videos to educate the audience.
  • The base of every marketing campaign should be the insights they receive from the customer interaction.
  • There was a time when content creators took decisions concerning the presentation of video content to their audience. That is no longer true. With the reversal of role, the customer now is the one who decides on what to watch. The markets must thus comply with viewer demands.
  • Routine morning and night video trends indicate the need for marketers to make the most of the opportunity to introduce new products and services.
  • Use virtual tours or 360-degree videos for the audience to view the product from every angle. 360-degree video works best to introduce products and services.
  • To give the  perfect flow of your video ad you can use any easy online video editor like InVideo

Creation of Attractive YouTube Trailers

Here is a strategy for you to follow to make attractive YouTube trailers that are sure to give you the engagement you want from your viewers:

Know What Your Audience Want

To create a stunning YouTube Channel Trailer that will hit the mark, assume that the viewer does not know anything about your brand. Keep this in mind to answer the following questions:

  1. What information does the viewer look for first about my brand?
  2. What would the viewer benefit from watching in the first few seconds?
  3. How will the viewer react to my YouTube Channel Trailer?
  4. What will bring my viewer back to my channel?
  5. What should my brand voice and tone be?
  6. What color schemes and fonts best suit my brand?

The first few seconds of the channel trailer should convince the viewer that your channel is the right one for him.

The Shorter, the Better

The channel trailer is your pitch to convert traffic to subscribers. Tell them about yourself, your brand, and the content you show on your channel in the fastest way possible. The length of the trailer should be from 30 seconds to 90 seconds. If the trailer is longer than that, you can be sure the viewer will decide against you.

Show only the Best

You already have many excellent videos on your channel. Extract the best parts to make a highlight video and show it as your channel trailer video. Be sure to take clips from already showing videos to avoid unsubscribes.

Let your Channel Trailer disclose Brand Story

Instead of narration, tell the story of your brand and it will get you better attention from your audience. Allow them to journey with you. That drives a better connection that will make them come back for more.

Add an Attractive CTA at the End of the Trailer

If you have kept up with the trends and tips, your audience will want to engage with you. Remind them to do so with a line at the end saying, “make sure you don’t miss anything, hit the subscribe button now!”


It does not matter if you are a beginner or have been around for a while. If you intend to grow your YouTube channel, propagate it with a worthy YouTube Channel Trailer built on the tips in this article.

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