How To Start A Successful YouTube Channel In 2022


Are you planning to start a YouTube channel? If so, let us tell you that the YouTube game isn’t easy. Undoubtedly, YouTube is an excellent platform to showcase your talent and pursue your passion. It is very simple for anyone to create a YouTube channel today. But, the popular video streaming platform is filled with outstanding video content, and so, the journey to your success on this platform will require hard work, consistency, and the right knowledge. For your channel to be a hit, you will need to come up with something engaging regularly.

To help you in this endeavor, we have compiled some tried and tested tips to help you start your YouTube channel with a bang. These tips will help you to keep publishing interesting content to grow your audience base.

Setting up your YouTube Channel

YouTube channels are quite simple to set up, especially if you have an account on Gmail, as it lets you link your channel to it. To can use the below steps to set up your channel:

Step 1: Log in to YouTube and tap on the image/picture from the right corner of the screen.

Step 2: Now, hit the “Create a channel” option.

Step 3: After this, decide whether you want to use a custom name for your channel or use the same name in your Gmail account.

Step 4: Then, go to the “About” section to add details about yourself.

Step 6: Now, customize your channel’s look and upload a profile photo and cover photo.

Step 7: Upload a video.

Step 8: Lastly, add some more details related to your channel and yourself, add a playlist, and link your channel to your social media accounts.

Tips to start a channel on YouTube

  • Know the working of YouTube

You cannot expect to make a successful video only on your first attempt. It will take you some time to get the hang of creating impactful content that will make your channel grow. Only when you create a worthy video will you know what went wrong with your earlier video content. You can get various Youtube video ideas for content creation easily on the internet. But, as you move on and start making better videos with time while measuring your progress, you will figure out some key points for successful content. Some of the ways to make your video do well are:

  • Learn how to make use of YouTube’s in-built video editor
  • Learn to write clear descriptions
  • Know how to customize your channel
  • Know how to suggest content to the audience and add information cards
  • Learn the way to index your video
  • Know how to add attractive thumbnails
  • Get to know how to customize the URL for your channel
  • Know how to analyze your channel’s analytics
  • Learn keyword research
  • Learn to prevent copyright issues, strikes, and claims


  • Create a strategy

To expand the reach of your YouTube channel, you will need to follow some strategies. The below question will help you figure out a strategy for your channel.

  • What do you want to gain from your channel?

To answer this, you need to think like viewers and note down how your channel will benefit them.

  • Who is your target audience?

Here, you need to think about gender, interests, age, geographical location, etc., to know who will watch your content.

  • Why will people watch your content?

Since there are already many channels on YouTube, you must think of a way to create unique and engaging content that will stand out from the rest.

  • How often will you post a video?

Now, think about the day and time you will publish your videos based on when the audience is most likely to see them.

  • Decide the niche

You must be aware that you need to narrow down the domain/niche in which you want to make videos. Therefore, you need to think of a specific topic with which you want to start your channel to attract people interested in it. It is recommended to stick to one niche and once your channel gains popularity, you can consider exploring more topics or niches.

  • Use templates

Your videos need to be well structured. So, you need to think of the best ways to develop a structure or a template that can be used in your video content. Ensure that your videos are engaging enough with a strong introduction, teaser, and a hook. You must also add a CTA or call-to-action to convince the viewers to follow and subscribe to your channel while providing entertaining tips on a subject. It is recommended to watch videos by successful YouTubers to get an idea about the storyline and the structure of their videos.

  • Learn analytics

Learning how to read and use YouTube analytics is a handy skill as there are specific metrics that you need to watch out for. The click-through rate is the foremost as it tells you how interesting your video titles and clickable thumbnails are. You must check the click-through rate as a whole for your channel as well as for the individual video content. This rate differs from creator to creator, so you will need to set your benchmark. This can be done by tracking the current click-through rate so that you can focus on bringing more views to your content by improving the click-through rate by 2 to 3% every year.

Another metric you need to check is the Watch Time. The higher the watch time, the better the promotion of your video by YouTube. You must aim to increase the Watch Time value while considering audience retention rates. All of this depends on whether people are still watching your content or losing interest in the same.


There are endless tips and tricks to make your YouTube channel successful. Apart from some of the tips given above, you also need to pay attention to things like making an appealing YouTube banner, verifying your channel, using the right equipment such as a good camera, lighting, and a dependable video editor tool/software to create the most impressive videos. We hope with these tips, and you will be able to take your YouTube channel to the desired position effortlessly.

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