How to take backup of Bookmarks in Google Chrome


Google Chrome Bookmarks Backup

In the web world Chrome  is one of the leading web

browser for the browsing the web content. Now normal

time time we are making bookmark  of the important

website for the future use. But when you are formatting

or reinstalling the operating system will make you to loose

the bookmarks.


If you take the backup of the bookmark that will make you not loose any important bookmarked site,

Let’s follow the way so that we can take backup of bookmark.

Open the Google Chrome  —-> Click on the Settings icon at top right corner.










Click on Bookmarks  —-> Bookmark Manager.

Bookmarks Manager











Click on Organize —-> Export bookmarks to HTML file.
















Then Save it in your safer location.










For restoring the bookmarks click on Import bookmarks from HTML file. Select HTML file

that already backed up.

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