Writing a post in Indian language – WordPress


Indian Languages

Every body likes to start their own blog using wordpress, because

wordpress comes with lots of feature with themes and plugins.

Sometimes indian bloggers feel the some what difficult in the

language (English) that he is using for post. If they have their

own language option for posting will be very easy, it will help

to make the post with feel of natural.



I have found one language plugin that will help to write post in indian language.

Just Goto WordPress Dashboard —> Plugins  —-> Add New

Then Search for Indian Language.








Then Click on Install Now.

Acticvate the plugin.

Activating Plugin








Goto Add New in Post Section.

You will find the Drop down menu for choosing the indian language and along with English.

Selecting the language








Start the blogging in your language.

Start Blogging









Plugin Details:

Using IndicIME plugin, you can very easily write in 9 Indian scripts: Bengali(Assamese, Bengali, Manipuri), Devanagari(Hindi, Marathi, Nepali, Sanskrit), Gujarati, Gurmukhi(Punjabi), Kannada, Malaylam, Oriya, Tamil and Telugu. It does not require any software download for writing in Indian script. Using this plugin, visitor can directly type in Indic script in search box or comment.



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