Recover Your Lost Data back with EaseUS Software


Data storage and handling are prone to several dangers, what you save on your phone or computer can simply get lost, corrupted or even deleted by manual mistake. Imagine accidentally deleting a picture from your SC camera roll, and not having any backup to retrieve your misplaced image. From individuals to large servers, data can be lost anywhere thanks to the ever-increasing cyber crime rates. However, this era of technology comes with a savior called free data recovery software.

You can always opt to hire a data recovery specialist, but that would, of course, cost you a fortune, and we are sure that you wouldn’t want to spend that much in case a single picture was accidentally deleted from your phone. EaseUS data recovery wizard 12.0 is a free file recovery software that allows a comprehensive recovery of data loss from your hard disks, flash memories, optical storage mediums, magnetic storage, and even blue-ray discs.

Recover Your Lost Data back with EaseUS Software
Recover Your Lost Data back with EaseUS Software

Uncomplicated Procedure

The great part of this service is that it is completely independent of computer knowledge. You do not need to be a computer whiz or a geek to understand the data recovery process, as the server guides you through the three straightforward steps of this free data recovery software.  Regardless of whether your data was lost by a malicious virus attack, OS breakdown, hard disk corruption, recycle bin meltdown or any other technical calamity, the simplicity of the process remains intact and doesn’t need extra effort to get back your sacred data.

No Purposeless Data Revived

EaseUS also has a very client-centric approach; it wants to provide an extreme level of convenience to its users without creating a technical malaise. It realizes storage concerns of individual devices and offers a preview of lost files before they can be retrieved. This allows the users only to recover the necessary data, without letting the unnecessary files flood their limited space.

Various Scanning Options

Versatile modes for scanning data are also offered by EaseUS. A quick scan mode is made available to allow surface and recently files to be recovered quickly while the deep scan mode is a lengthy comprehensive scan that scans disks sector by sector regenerating all lost data, without the loss of even the most trivial contents.  Modes are preferred by customers depending on their requirements.

Technical Affinity

The compatibility offered by EaseUS free data recovery software is unexampled. It can be used with USBs, pen drives, cameras, PCs, phones, laptops, camcorders, RAID, music players, external storage devices and many more. Graphics, documents, audios, videos, emails or any other downloads can all be regained provided your CPU is at least x86 and can carter 128 MB of digital RAM.

The free version allows you to instantly gain back 500 MBs of data lost; however, if you promote them on social media platforms the free limit is exceeded to 2 GB.  There are also Pro versions that offer a revival of unlimited data, but normally EaseUS data recovery wizard free version 12.0 is enough to recover single entity data.

It offers elaborative guidance for file recovery and has user support available. With a strong client base of over 720,000 users, the file recovery software is critically acclaimed in an affirmative manner. No other data recovery software comes without hidden charges or offers the quality like of EaseUS. EaseUS respects the privacy of its clients and does not intrude in the recovered data or the files that it scans. No changes are made to the parts where search operations are led looking for lost data. EaseUS has not only made data recovery much simpler but has also increased data security and privacy.

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